Parent + Caregiver Support

Parenting and raising young children is an experience that unlocks parts of us that we didn’t know existed. You deserve the space to breathe and to build a full cache of practical tools to tackle challenges confidently.

Where could you use some insight, support, or guidance?

  • Mindful parenting
  • At-home play strategies
  • Gentle positive limit setting
  • Toilet training practices
  • Daily routines + transitions
  • Prioritizing rest + wellness for yourself
  • and more

Early Childhood Education

Early education classrooms and learning spaces are the bridge between family and community. Often considered as the leaders in creating a second home, early childhood educators are responsible for a vast landscape of tending to needs – those of the children in their care, as well as the needs of families, colleagues, and themselves.

Bringing forth 14 years of teaching in classroom and afterschool settings, Katherine is passionate about empowering educators to:

  • Identify teaching and interpersonal strengths of the individual teacher and team
  • Deepen understanding of incidental learning in play-based and emergent curriculum
  • Create joyful and sustainable mindfulness practices within the classroom
  • Identify obstacles and triggers that impede educator wellness and create a cushion of regulation, resilience, and self-care
  • Improve communication with parents and families
  • and more

With a deep passion for both teaching and lifelong learning, I look forward to working with you to support and strengthen the community within which our children may flourish.

Katherine Cota MacDonald

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Katherine Cota MacDonald
Early Childhood Consultant and Wellness Coordinator

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